Iván Navareño

Marketing & Communication Manager de Keyrus

Hello! If you are reading this section of my profile I think of two options 🤔 You have accidentally fallen down here or you want to know something else about me. In both cases, I invite you to stay 😜

👉🏼Currently on fire🔥 with Data Analytics world 🚀 positioning Keyrus brand in Spain.

🛸 Marketing, marketing and more marketing.

🙌🏽 I’ve always been fond of marketing, advertising, stories and brands and when I started working on this world I ended up falling in love with it, at present, my career.

👉🏼With a background in communication, sales and marketing and the opportunity to work in the ‘Marketing Mecca’ (New York, USA) I have an ALMOST complete view of the Marketinian ecosystem.

😏This ‘ALMOST’ detail is really easy to explain. Marketing is change, adaptation, creativity, data, sensations, feelings, news, current affairs, human behaviors. . . What yesterday was a success, tomorrow will probably be a shit and no one will be interested in. In what you were a super crack yesterday, tomorrow you might be the last in the class. What a stress! 🤯 And at the same time..how beautiful! 😍 Every day I realize how little I know and all the things I have to learn. I really think that attitude in the Marketinian world is a must.

🥸Now it would be the time of flattering myself, aligned with Linkedin Style 👎🏼, but that wouldn’t be cool so.. let’s still be humans and let’s move on 🤙🏼

🤗If you want to talk about Marketing, business, new projects, football or any topic which both of us can learn or have a good time, we can have a coffee via Zoom, Skype, or whatever. . . I’ll be more than happy to talk to you (btw, with milk and cinnamon please!)🖐🏼☕😊

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