Javier G. Recuenco

CSO Singular Solving

CSO de Singular Solving y Singular Targeting. Experto en personalización aplicada (Personotecnia). Experto en Complex Problem Solving (CPS) Emprendedor, ha creado cinco startups. Ha sido CTO en Netdecisions y Ecuality. Ha sido consultor internacional para EY y SchlumbergerSema.

Javier G. Recuenco is an applied Personetics Expert. Author of the first published book in the matter «Personalization» (2004) through Pearson – Financial Times.
Serial Entrepreneur. Five Startups Created. Mentor at the Internet Accelerator Plug and Play ( Valencia / San Francisco)
Co-orchestrator, Organizer and Personetics Evangelist with several S&P500 and medium niche companies (Econocom, Ricoh, Microsoft Spain, Social Noise, Brandits, Samsung…) on a joint effort to bring Customer Centric Digital Transformation, Social CRM & Social Personetics, Innovation think tanks on Healthcare and Hospitality and Demand Generation Labs. .
Co-founder of Healthcare Personetics, a venture to raise awareness and transform healthcare companies based on customer-centricity and Personetics
IT expert, held several CTO positions through time for companies like Netdecisions (UK based IT Strategic company) or Ecuality (Pioneering e-commerce spanish startup). International consultant for companies like Ernst & Young, SchlumbergerSema.
International Lecturer and Speaker for several Private Companies (Xerox, Oracle…)

International Lecturer and Speaker for several Business Schools and Institutions. (UCLM, IE, INESDI, CUNEF, ISEM, IKN [frly. known as IIR], ESIC, ICEMD…) on Advanced Computer Science issues, Loyalty, Big Data, Marketing Innovation and Applied Personetics.
Big Data, Marketing, Strategy, Innovation, Complex Problem Solving postgrad professor and council member at UNIR (Universidad de la Rioja)
College Teacher at University of Southern Mississippi (Spanish branch) on OOP and IT new trends.
Technocreativity Master professor at Nomadia Business School
Advanced Loyalty and Executive Education Professor at ESIC
ICEMD (Instituto de Comercio Electrónico y Marketing Director) professor. Keeps the «Muy Personal» blog at www.icemd.com.
Technical translator (Spanish) for Microsoft Press: [ A Fondo C# ] [C# para desarrolladores Java] [Diseño de aplicaciones con ASP.NET]

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