Juan Manuel López Zafra


Data Science for change. Data Driven Decision Making. ES/EN/FR Currently as co-CDO at CUNEF, reporting to the CEO, with resposabilities in the whole area of data governance, tracking and analytics. Data Driven Decision Making strategic consultant. Bringing customer and environment insights into business transformation.

Data scientist and actuary with over 10 years in data science, BI and analytics, reporting results to the management as an independent professional.
Co-director of the Master’s Program in Data Science for Finance, the Master’s Program in Data Science and the Executive Program in Data Science and Digital Transformation at CUNEF.

Statistics and strategic decision analytics professional with over 25 years of experience in different business schools as Fac. Económicas (Uni. Complutense, Madrid), CEU San Pablo, ICADE (Uni. Comillas, Madrid), and CUNEF. Over 30 papers and more than 40 conferences on the topics.
Economist with two published books (Retorno al patrón oro and Alquimia – how data are turning into gold, Ed. Deusto) and speaker in professional forums as Manager Business Forum. Usual media participant and interlocutor, with a regular blog (Big Data) in El Confidencial, #1 digital newspaper in Spanish.
Transfering expertise in data science, business intelligence and data analytics into Data Driven Decision Making for adding value to your organization. I’ll improve your figures.

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