Leonardo Baldassini

Head of Data Science en Zurich Insurance

I lead the team of data scientists of Zurich's Data and Business Intelligence Studio, part of the larger Technology and Operations area. My mission is to supervise the design, development and delivery of products and analytical studies to service Zurich's business units and group functions.

I’m more of a mathematician than a computer scientist, but I like algorithms more than I like proofs and I normally directly use topology only to classify sports using homeomorphically spherical objects as uninteresting.

I’m now focussed on growing the potential and impact of a team, after spending a few years on designing and developing solutions to accelerate baniking clients’ financial growth, developing solutions to optimise a bank’s internal operations and processes and building information extraction tools to make the tons of inaccesible information a large company normally sits on finally useful. In the past, I’ve been known for stubbornly looking for needles in haystacks and the enlightenment in the zen exercise of redesigning a legacy software system.

I know lots about little and (more than) little about lots, and of what I don’t know I still like to talk about.

No one who dined at my place ever said no to a second invitation.

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