Lorenzo Rubí

Senior Account Executive de Snowflake

Passionate game-changer driven by technology and innovation, with extensive experience leading sales cycles at CxO level towards value business propositions.

Fast growth in enterprise software sales career by delivering sustainable high performance and overachievement of target in the different positions held across leading software companies like SAP, Qlik and Hewlett-Packard.

Process-driven executive oriented to leverage the sales excellence by bringing business value to my customer through customer-centric selling. Consultative sales approach in conjunction with a deep technical competency.

I believe in self-motivated people and every day I go to work trying to inspire and get inspired by the people that surround me. As a self-demanding and accountable professional I pursue challenges to keep learning and improving to unleash the full potential. In every project I drive in my life, I like to leave a positive and inspirational fingerprint, either personal or professional, and create a sustainable and reliable relationship.

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